Ghana Scouts Request Training From Scientology Volunteer Ministers

banner=0 The symbol of the Ghana Boy Scouts. When Ghana’s Project Director for Major Disaster Training Seban Laryea went looking for disaster response training for his Boy Scouts,who did he turn to? The Scientology Volunteer Ministers.  Laryea... | Full Story >>

HANA Awards Churches of Scientology Disaster Response Team for their Work in Haitian Earthquake Disaster

banner=0 Ralph Gedeon, Haiti Earthquake survivor tells his story. At their 2010 gala event, the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) presented a Humanitarian Award for the Church of Scientology to Sue Taylor, National Director for the Churches... | Full Story >>

Volunteer Ministers Invited to Indian National Conference on Civil Defense

banner=0 Mr. G.S. Saini, Director of the National College of Civil Defense of India with the lead Volunteer Minister for India. The Director of the National College of Civil Defense of India, G.S. Saini, invited the Scientology Volunteer Ministers... | Full Story >>

Elite Topos Rescue Team Partners with Scientology Volunteer Ministers

banner=0 Volunteer Ministers and other Community Emergency Response Teams drill life saving skills in triage and search and rescue operations. On October 23, Hector Mendéz, president and founder of Topos México, the elite search and rescue... | Full Story >>

Helping Food Lifeline’s Mission to Eradicate Hunger in Western Washington

banner=0 Seattle area VMs join volunteers from several local businesses and charitable organizations to pack food boxes destined for the hungry. Working to help eradicate hunger in their area, several Seattle area Volunteer Ministers (VMs) ... | Full Story >>