French and Belgian Scientologists Cycle for Drug Education

thumbnail With recent European financial cutbacks threatening to impact drug prevention in Europe, Scientologists found a creative way to effectively draw attention to the dangers of abuse To promote drug education, Scientologists from France and Belgium joined... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Helps Halfway House Restore Faith and Self-Respect

thumbnail Rev. Nicholas Benson uses the Truth About Drugs to help “shadow people” recover from the slavery of addiction. Residents of a halfway house in Pasadena, California, are making important strides toward recovery, thanks to Rev. Nicholas Benson and... | Full Story >>

Center of Scientology of Israel Focuses on Drug Prevention on UN Universal Children’s Day

thumbnail The Center of Scientology of Israel spotlights drug prevention as an urgent priority The Center of Scientology of Israel held an event on United Nations Universal Children’s Day where it released a new brochure, Scientology: How We Help, The Truth... | Full Story >>

Helping Reverse Drug Abuse in Taiwan Before it Begins

thumbnail With youth the target of Taiwan drug dealers, local Scientologists bring the Truth About Drugs educational initiative to schools throughout the country. A review by the Ministry of Interior of Taiwan of illicit drug use points to “large-scale assaults... | Full Story >>

Even Japan, Where Abuse Is Low, Needs the Truth About Drugs

thumbnail Concerns about rising drug use prompt Japanese Scientologists to double their drug education and prevention efforts According to this year’s World Drug Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Japan has fewer drug users than most... | Full Story >>

Mark Pinchin—Knowing and Sharing the Truth About Drugs

thumbnail With world attention on London Olympics, Scientologist leverages spotlight to focus attention on narcotics fight by distributing one million anti-drug booklets Mark Pinchin, Director of Public Affairs at the Church of Scientology London, is a driving... | Full Story >>

Helping Reverse Russia’s Runaway Drug Epidemic

thumb Scientologists promote drug-free living to help keep Russia’s next generation from falling into the trap of drug addictionIn a November 2012 interview, Viktor Ivanov, Head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, said that more than 100,000 people... | Full Story >>

Documentary Takes Aim at Growing Prescription Drug Abuse

thumbnail With painkiller abuse at epidemic levels, Truth About Drugs targets audiences with blunt messages about dangers of prescription drugs In November 2011, the Centers for Disease Control Director Thomas Frieden told media: “Overdoses involving prescription... | Full Story >>