Church of Scientology Pasadena Hosts Forum to Tackle Teen Drug Abuse

THUMBNAIL Pasadena leaders at the Truth About Drugs Prevention Forum at the Church of Scientology of Pasadena April 20 joined forces in fight against drug epidemic. More than 80 civic, community and religious leaders representing over a dozen groups and associations... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology of Pretoria Releases New Drug Prevention Brochure

THUMBNAIL Introducing the Truth About Drugs to government, community, and religious leaders in South Africa’s capital To make effective drug prevention broadly available in every sector of South African society, the Church of Scientology of Pretoria invited government,... | Full Story >>

Russian Scientologists Strive to Defeat Drug Abuse on Victory Day

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the St. Petersburg Scientology religious group distribute drug education booklets to conquer drug abuse on Victory Day “Victory Day” is celebrated throughout Russia on May 9 to commemorate the end of World War II. Scientologists... | Full Story >>

Sacramento Event Targets Traffic Deaths from Drugs and Alcohol

THUMBNAIL Church of Scientology of Sacramento introduces Sacramento religious leaders to the Truth About Drugs education program to help decrease fatalities and serious traffic accidents caused by drug abuse.To counter pro-drug propaganda, the International Faith... | Full Story >>

On World Health Day, Tampa Scientologists Promote Drug-Free Living

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Churches of Scientology of the Tampa Bay Area spent World Health Day April 7 helping local residents make healthy choices by providing the truth about drugs. Members of the Churches of Scientology in the Tampa Bay area marked World... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Welcomes Drug Prevention Cyclists on Hollywood Stop of Worldwide Tour

Thumb Circling the globe by bike in the name of a drug-free world Reverend Bob Adams of the Church of Scientology International and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president Leron Gubler welcomed two Russian Federation athletes April 1st, who are raising awareness... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Cambridge Launches Community Outreach Activities

THUMBNAIL The Church of Scientology Cambridge, Ontario, dedicated in February 2013, now holds its first community open house on the theme “Creating a Drug-Free World.”The Church of Scientology Cambridge, Ontario, welcomed parishioners, neighbors and community... | Full Story >>

Architect Building a Drug-Free Future for Israeli Youth

THUMBNAIL Center of Scientology for Tel Aviv hosts drug prevention seminar to help youth make informed decisions to live drug free.The 40 high school students and their teachers who attended a three-hour seminar at the Center of Scientology for Tel Aviv last week... | Full Story >>