Church Of Scientology Statement
Regarding Andrew Morton’s Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise

For the last two years, the Church of Scientology requested to be interviewed or be presented with any allegations so we could respond.  Morton refused despite our insistence in offering our cooperation.  At no time did he request interviews nor did he attempt to get any information from us.  Accuracy and truth were not on Morton’s agenda.

While making all sorts of bizarre and false allegations about Mr. Miscavige, the Church’s ecclesiastical leader, Morton at no time ever attempted to contact, speak to or interview him.  

As a result his book is a bigoted, defamatory assault replete with lies.

Morton comes from a tabloid background and his book reads like British tabloid journalism at its worst.

British publishers rejected the book because of Morton’s inability to prove the truth of his allegations, something the laws of the UK require and of which Morton is well aware.

Notwithstanding his US publisher’s knowledge that his British publishing house refused publication of Morton’s diatribe due to his inability to substantiate his claims, they still steadfastly refused to present any of the allegations for either refutal or response.

Furthermore, scandalous falsehoods attributed to Morton appeared in the UK press two months ago.  The Church demanded he correct these falsehoods which he and his publisher refused to do. However, the newspaper that published Morton’s lies did take responsibility-printing a full retraction when presented with the facts by the Church.

Morton’s book is replete with documented lies which have long since been disproven in court rulings.  His “sources” have similarly been ruled by courts to lack any credibility. Morton’s use of these lies and sources is, thus, both reckless and malicious.