Dianetics Released in Korean for the First Time

From subway advertisement (pictured), word of mouth to distribution in one of South Korea’s largest bookstore chains, accessibility for Dianetics continues to grow.
With the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in Korean, the all-time bestselling book on the human mind has officially arrived in the “Land of the Morning Calm.”

In a country of more than 48 million, South Koreans have an extremely high literacy level and an unemployment level of less than 3 percent, but they have never before had Dianetics in their own language.

Starting with the Korea Book Fair in May 2010, Bridge Publications, Inc., the publisher of New York Times and international bestselling author L. Ron Hubbard, introduced Dianetics in partnership with one of the nation’s largest book distributors. This title, as well as L. Ron Hubbard’s The Way to Happiness, were subsequently released in bookstores to the broad public on November 1, 2010.

Bridge Publications and the distributor followed this up in December 2010 with a presentation on L. Ron Hubbard and his works to executives and representatives from major bookstore chains and Internet retailers. One executive from the Bandi & Luni chain was so impressed that she promptly read Dianetics, which is now sold through all their stores.

With informative ads on Dianetics and The Way to Happiness now running—including in one of the busiest subways to more than 40,000 commuters daily—national demand for Mr. Hubbard’s books is taking off.

To ensure that the people of South Korea can find true calm with Dianetics, Bridge Publications has plans in the works to make the book even more accessible throughout the country.