Church of Scientology Melbourne Honors Refugee Advocate

THUMBNAIL Mr. Parsu Sharma-Luital is honored for his work on behalf of refugees on World Humanitarian DayAt an International World Humanitarian Day celebration August 14 at the Church of Scientology of Melbourne, parishioners and community leaders gathered to acknowledge... | Full Story >>

10th Annual International Human Rights Summit Promotes Peace through Education

THUMBNAIL Human Rights Office of the Church of Scientology International and Churches of Scientology for Europe cosponsor program to bring together youth from 30 nations in the name of human rights.Forty Youth Delegates filed into Brussels’ International Auditorium... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Receives 10th Annual Religious Excellence Award

THUMBNAIL Service to the community—a central element of the Scientology religion.The Church of Scientology was among the religious groups recognized September 10 with a Religious Excellence Award from the Minister Interior of Taiwan ROC for outstanding contributions... | Full Story >>

Scientology-Sponsored Human Rights Initiative Featured at Obregon District Festival

THUMBNAIL The atmosphere was festive and the music was full of life this summer at the human rights concert cosponsored by Mexico City and the Mexico City Human Rights Commission last week.The festival was part of a series of programs to uplift the poverty and... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Madrid Hosts Congress on Civil Rights

THUMBNAIL Scientology Madrid hosted a five-day Congress on Civil Rights and International Law including a human rights seminar to attendees. Leaders of Spain’s black community organized and held a five-day congress on civil rights and international law August... | Full Story >>

Cultural Diversity Marked Church of Scientology Hamburg Friendship Day Celebration

THUMBNAIL The Church of Scientology Hamburg hosted a United Nations International Friendship Day celebration and concert July 28 to promote the ideals the day represents.In 2011, the UN proclaimed Friendship Day in the belief that “friendship between peoples,... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Hosts Interreligious Forum in Honor of Friendship Day

THUMBNAIL Nashville Church of Scientology celebrates International Day of Friendship with a forum dedicated to religious tolerance.The Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre of Nashville hosted an interreligious forum on United Nations International Friendship... | Full Story >>

Melbourne Oromo Community Sees Human Rights Education as Key to Peaceful Resolution of Conflict

THUMBNAIL The Church of Scientology of Melbourne organized a human rights education workshop for leaders of the Australian Oromo Community. Leaders of the African Oromo Community in Melbourne attended a human rights seminar July 7, 2013, as the first step of a... | Full Story >>