While ignorance may be bliss short-term, when it comes to drugs, ignorance is a dangerous condition that can kill, which is why Churches of Scientology have worked to provide drug education and prevention programs since the 1970s.

Drug-free youth promoting a drug-free life.
Last July, a 20-year mortality study, conducted by University of California San Diego Sociologist David Phillips, found that deaths from the misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications increased by 3,200 percent during that time period.

Additionally, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse recently stated that the long-term widespread medical use of such drugs has added a "comfort level" that increases risk of abuse and addiction. The United Nations Office on Drug Abuse and Crime reports that over 26 million people currently suffer from severe drug dependence.

All this is good cause to become educated about drugs. No one decides to overdose or become addicted. Those victims are nearly always misinformed or uninformed about the substances they take.

How drug-smart are you? Try the below quiz as a test.

Drug Quiz (answers below):

1. What kind of drug is marijuana?
2. How many toxins and cancer-causing chemicals can be found in marijuana?
3. What is a popular prescription drug that acts on the nervous system like heroin or opium?

The Truth About Drugs is a popular drug education pamphlet, which provides concise and pertinent information on 10 commonly abused drugs including alcohol, marijuana, painkillers and prescription stimulants. Free copies can be obtained at any Scientology Church, or online from the booklet's publisher at



Drug Quiz Answers:

  1. Hallucinogen   
  2. 400     
  3. Oxycodone