With Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health now translated in 50 languages and selling 22 million copies since 1950, people in every corner of the globe are reading it and applying the therapy it contains to help themselves and others.  A Dianetics group in the West African nation of Mali is making good use of the French translation of the book.

Dianetics Seminar attendants
Dianetics Relieves Mali Man's Fear
means "what the mind (or soul) is doing to the body." Dianetics therapy addresses that portion of the mind that is the cause of all psychosomatic illness, painful emotion and irrational fears, and alleviates them. Using the book as a text, the Mali Dianetics Group holds seminars, workshops and study groups in Bamako and Timbuktu, and trains people from all walks of life.  The group reaches out and truly changes lives with this technique.

In the seminars and workshops, people gain first-hand experience with Dianetics. Each attendee teams up with another and they use what they learn to help one another, both receiving and giving the therapy. Their gains are often spectacular.

One man came to the group despondent and not sure anything could help him. Some time earlier, he had been robbed at gunpoint of his money, papers and phone, and he had been upset and fearful ever since.  He had barely slept and had become nervous and depressed, which cut across his ability to live and work. As time went by, he continued to suffer from the incident and became despondent.  After just one Dianetics session, in which he was directed back to the incident to re-experience it until it no longer held any unwanted emotions for him, he said that for the first time since the robbery, he did not feel fear. After the session he went back to the scene of the incident and found he could walk down the street where the robbery occurred with no trace of fear. And for the first time, he could talk about the experience without getting upset, which he could not do at all prior to his Dianetics session.

This is but one example of the results in just one session in one Dianetics Seminar in one country. The Dianetics group in Mali, as everywhere Dianetics is applied, experiences startling results routinely. For more information on Dianetics or to locate a Dianetics group, visit www.Dianetics.org.