More than a thousand Scientologists, their friends and families cheered the lighting of a new state-of-the-art LED sign Friday night atop the Scientology complex on the corner of L. Ron Hubbard Way and Sunset Boulevard.

The updated landmark is three times the size of the previous Scientology sign, which had been in place since the late 1970s and is recognized the world over. The new sign is 5.2 tons, 84 feet long, 16 feet tall and can be seen for miles - from several Hollywood and Los Angeles freeways, and indeed by aircraft from far above.
In May, the Church of Scientology launched a nationwide multiplatform ad campaign on the Internet and television which has driven hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Church's massive Web site (www.Scientology.org). Edie Reuveni, president of the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles, said, "With this sign, we tell everyone: we are here, we are open seven days a week and you are welcome to come in and find out for yourself what Scientology is."
Churches of Scientology on L. Ron Hubbard Way and Sunset Boulevard serve the Los Angeles community and parishioners from throughout the Western United States. Hundreds visit every day to participate in courses or pastoral counseling, as well as volunteer programs ranging from drug prevention to human rights education and disaster relief services.
Author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard founded the Scientology religion. The first Church of Scientology was formed by Scientologists in Los Angeles in February 1954. Los Angeles is home to the largest concentration of Scientologists worldwide.