With the Summer Olympics just beginning and doping scandals hitting the news, former NFL tight end and Church of Scientology International official Bob Adams, pledged high-school athletes at South Gate High School to be drug-free. 

Athletes pledging a drug-free life
After his own NFL career with the Steelers and Patriots in the 1970s, Adams became an educator and he strongly believes athletes have a responsibility to set an example for others.  "Kids look up to athletes. When they have to make decisions about how they are going to live their own lives, they often make their choices based on what their 'heroes' do."

Having witnessed first-hand how the lives and careers of promising athletes can be ruined by steroids and drugs, Adams stresses the importance of education. "Olympic hopefuls and contestants spend most of their youth training and preparing to compete," said Adams. "Some get only one chance and to throw it away by taking drugs is a tremendous personal tragedy."

Athletes signing the Drug-Free Pledge promised to stay drug-free and to help fellow athletes, youth and the community to make the same commitment. Adams stressed that many thousands of athletes are completely honest in their training. "The Olympics is all about men and women overcoming tremendous challenges to achieve the best they are capable of naturally," said Adams.  "It is a dedication and commitment to excellence in all aspects of life."