The Church of Scientology of Tokyo participated with more than 50 other organizations in the Environment Ministry’s Ecolife Fair 2009 in Yoyogi Park over the weekend of June 6 and 7, encouraging thousands of visitors to learn the truth about drugs.

From its colorful booth, Church of Scientology members handed out youth-friendly The Truth About Drugs booklets and played award-winning videos to inform young people about drugs so they make their own decision to stay away from them.

The Church’s booth was a hot spot at the Ecolife Fair, attracting many visitors interested in joining the fight to protect Tokyo youth from drug abuse.

Ecolife Fair is part of celebrations of United Nations World Environment Day, held each year on June 5 to stimulate worldwide environmental awareness and promote political attention and action. Ecolife Fair brings together large numbers of Japanese environmentally-conscious people to learn about green issues.
A Scientology spokesperson said Ecolife visitors are naturally interested in the Scientology drug education message because “in addition to the high toll in human life of the drug user, drug abuse causes much environmental blight, including highly toxic crystal meth labs and discarded syringes. Our message is ‘learn the truth about drugs and make your own decision to stay away from them.’”

The Truth About Drugs
is an international campaign supported by Churches of Scientology and their members, with booklets, films and public service announcements translated in  over 20 languages.  The Church distributes 13 booklets  published by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, that cover the most commonly used drugs—alcohol, marijuana, meth and crystal meth, heroin, prescription drugs and more.  The Church also works with the Foundation to make available a hard-hitting documentary film that features former addicts telling their own stories of drug abuse and addiction, as well as 16 “They Said/They Lied” public service videos which debunk common myths about drug use.

Scientology Churches around the world have been involved in drug education and prevention activities for more than two decades, reaching millions of people. For further information about Church of Scientology drug education and other social betterment and humanitarian initiatives, visit