Scientology Volunteer Ministers Awarded City Key for Work in Haiti

The former US Coast Guard Ship and icebreaker Hornbeam has been chartered by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to bring more than 160 tons of aid materials and supplies to Haiti.
NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers were presented the Key to the City of North Miami Beach and a Proclamation today in honor of their relief efforts in Haiti.  Over 300 Volunteer Ministers have responded to the disaster, with more than 100 still on site providing assistance to doctors, nurses and emergency medical personnel, helping keep food and water supplies at the shelters serving the estimated 1,000,000 now homeless, assisting reconstruction and giving their signature spiritual aid for trauma and distress. 

The group has also transported more than 450 medical professionals to Haite since January 12, when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck the country, killing over 200,000 and injuring a further 300,000.  

Councilperson John Patrick Julien presented the award on behalf of the city’s Mayor, Myron Rosner, to Church of Scientology representative Pat Harney.  On hand to express their appreciation to the volunteers were Haitian Relief Task Force and Founder of Legal Protection of America, Marie Yolaine Ferdilus, former Florida State Representative and U.S. Congressional candidate  Phillip Brutus, Florida House of Representatives candidate Daphne D. Campbell and the Executive Director of the Haitian American Women Association, Marleine Bastien.

The ceremony took place at the Miami River docks where the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are currently loading more than 165 tons of aid supplies on a former US Coast Guard Ship, the Hornbeam, to go to Haiti.