With 2 million people in the state of Bihar, India displaced by the worst flooding in 50 years, Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the neighboring state of West Bengal are seeking volunteers to help join the relief effort.

Scientology Volunteer Minister Mohammad in Bihar
Flood waters have destroyed some 250,000 houses, and a week after the flooding began, thousands are still waiting to be evacuated by the army and police carrying out the rescue operation. Aid workers are coping with more than one million people now being housed in relief camps.

The Scientology volunteers, who have formed up a unit including doctors and other health workers, are preparing to leave for the disaster zone. They are collecting dry foods and clothing, and encouraging people to join as volunteers or provide goods or donations to help those in need.

“This disaster presents a serious challenge,” said Mohammad Khalil Ullah, the director of the Scientology volunteer team that is leaving for Bihar on September 5th. “We call on all volunteer organizations and anyone who can join the relief effort with their own work or donations, to help the people of Bihar.”