Church of Scientology Sacramento Hosts Day of Friendship Breakfast and Awards Ceremony

THUMBNAIL Second annual International Friendship Day event acknowledges community leaders. Seven Sacramento community and religious leaders were honored July 30 at the second annual United Nations International Friendship Day “Friends of the Community” breakfast... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Hosts Interreligious Forum in Honor of Friendship Day

THUMBNAIL Nashville Church of Scientology celebrates International Day of Friendship with a forum dedicated to religious tolerance.The Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre of Nashville hosted an interreligious forum on United Nations International Friendship... | Full Story >>

Getting the Truth about Drugs to the People of Milan

THUMBNAIL Church of Scientology of Milan volunteers bring drug education to the youth of their city. Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Milan are ensuring that youth in their city learn the truth about drugs this summer.The Church, which supports The... | Full Story >>

Helping Township Youth Live Drug-Free Lives

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Pretoria help protect youth in the South Africa township of Shoshunguve from the danger of drugs.Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Pretoria helped organize a park cleanup and drug education seminar... | Full Story >>

Melbourne Oromo Community Sees Human Rights Education as Key to Peaceful Resolution of Conflict

THUMBNAIL The Church of Scientology of Melbourne organized a human rights education workshop for leaders of the Australian Oromo Community. Leaders of the African Oromo Community in Melbourne attended a human rights seminar July 7, 2013, as the first step of a... | Full Story >>

Venezuela Scientologists Reach Millions with the Truth About Drugs

THUMBNAIL The Truth About Drugs initiative, supported by the Church of Scientology, works year-round to combat drug abuse and addiction. The Truth About Drugs team of Venezuela pulled out all stops June 26, United National International Day against Drug Abuse and... | Full Story >>

Melbourne Scientologists Kick Off Drug-Free Living

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Melbourne promote drug-free living at Aussie Rules Football game. In the wake of reports of increased use of social drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines among Australian Rules football players, volunteers... | Full Story >>

Marathon for a Drug-Free Russia 2013

THUMBNAIL Athletes from Scientology Churches, Missions and like-minded groups in the Commonwealth of Independent States ran in the 5th Annual Marathon for a Drug-Free Russia to spread the truth about drugs in towns and cities throughout their country.Launched June... | Full Story >>