Veteran Brings Truth About Drugs to the Community

thumbnail Released November 13, 2012, the brochure, Scientology: How We Help—The Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug-Free World, features a drug education and prevention campaign that gave former addict and veteran the tools to give back to the community. Roger... | Full Story >>

New Publication Provides the Key to Creating a Drug-Free World

Anti-Drug Brochure The Truth About Drugs initiative, supported by the Church of Scientology, makes highly effective drug education and prevention available to communities everywhere. The Church of Scientology International announced the next phase of its decades-long anti-drug... | Full Story >>

Thousands Celebrate New Scientology Church in Renowned Historic Villa

thumbnail More than 7,000 Scientologists and their guests gathered from across Italy and Europe to celebrate the grand opening of the Church of Scientology Ideal Organization (Ideal Org) of Padova on Saturday, October 27. Church officials presided over the opening... | Full Story >>

Groundbreaking Book-on-Film Answers the Question “What is Scientology?”

To address unprecedented worldwide demand, Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, L. Ron Hubbard’s first book on the theory and practice of Scientology, is now available as a groundbreaking 90-minute book-on-film. The film was produced and... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Sponsors Red Ribbon Week Forum on Strategies to Reduce Drug Demand

Jesse Morrow, Social Reform Director, Church of Scientology National Office Honoring Red Ribbon Week and its message of prevention and education, The Church of Scientology National Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. co-hosted the first annual anti-drug forum of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World on October 22.Held in... | Full Story >>

16th Annual Church of Scientology Charity Concert - Raises £50,000 To Aid Royal National Lifeboat Institution

thumbnail Sunday October 21st, an audience of over 1500, including mayors, dignitaries and other special guests, attended a musical spectacular hosted by the Church of Scientology at Saint Hill Manor. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charitable institution... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Lisa Cummins

thumbnail The video interview of Lisa Cummins, released October 22, is the latest “Meet a Scientologist” video on Growing up, Lisa Cummins had her eye on a very important career—being a mother. “I decided very young I was going to have... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Sandra Poveda: Smiles All Around

Sandra Poveda In the “Meet a Scientologist” video published on on October 18, 2012, Sandra Poveda of Bogotá, Colombia, tells why she’s almost always smiling. Dentist Sandra Poveda has a philosophy of life that drives her work. From the time... | Full Story >>