“Is There a Way to Resolve Conflicts?” Ask Uganda Villagers

THUMBNAIL Scientology Volunteer Ministers conduct seminar in Central Uganda village of Wobulenzi Some 35 miles (57 kilometers) north of Kampala in the Luwero District of Central Uganda, villagers of the town of Wobulenzi learned an important lesson at a Scientology... | Full Story >>

Free Online Scientology Course Helps Resolve Business/Personal Problems

THUMBNAIL A recent graduate of the online Emotional Tone Scale Course learned why the motto of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers is “Something CAN be Done About It.”Have you ever needed to know someone’s motives, and you just couldn’t be sure? This was... | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteers, Dedicated to Helping their Communities

THUMBNAIL Contributing to the welfare and survival of others is a fundamental principle of Scientology. Scientologists donate millions of man hours annually to help others. The bedrock of our society is the men, women and children who volunteer their time to... | Full Story >>

Calm and Caring Influence in Virgin Lands

THUMBNAIL Scientology Volunteer Ministers Amazon River Goodwill Tour marks seven years of service. Group has provided one-on-one help to more than 200,000. Flooding is so commonplace along the Amazon River that in some places, entire villages are built on stilts.... | Full Story >>

Can Human Rights Education Reverse Japan Teen Bullying?

THUMBNAIL To counter teen bullying and its consequences, Scientology-supported human rights group introduces young Japanese martial arts students to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.With nearly 200,000 cases of school bullying reported in... | Full Story >>

Ringing in the Chinese New Year with the Truth About Drugs

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Sydney encourage drug-free living in 2014Sydney Scientologists celebrated the Chinese New Year by distributing thousands of copies of Truth About Drugs booklets at the Chinese New Year Market in the heart of... | Full Story >>

Russia’s Anti-Drug Olympiad Launched in Nizhny Novgorod

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Nizhny Novgorod help launch a different kind of Winter Olympics: the Anti-Drug Olympiad 2014.Nine hundred miles north of Sochi, a second “Winter Olympics” has just begun: Drug education and prevention volunteers... | Full Story >>

Japanese Drug Education Initiative Reaches Milestone

THUMBNAIL Church of Scientology supports drug education initiative that has reached more than 50,000 through drug education lecturesThe volunteers of the drug education and prevention initiative supported by the Church of Scientology of Tokyo have just accomplished... | Full Story >>