Meet A Scientologist—Certainty: The Secret of Sabrina Ochoa’s Success

Sabrina Ochoa Writer Sabrina Ochoa is well on her way to accomplishing her career and personal goals. Her video is one of more than 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos at What makes Sabrina Ochoa so successful? Confidence, security and certainty.... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology of Spain Celebrates Three Decades of Service

The Executive Director of the National Church of Scientology of Spain In celebration of 30 years of the Scientology religion in Spain, the National Church of Scientology in Madrid opens greatly expanded facilities for the community  MADRID—The strains of flamenco music filled Santa Catalina Street in the heart of... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Thorsten Overgaard’s Unique Perspective

Thorsten Overgaard Danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard has made an art form of doing exactly what he wants, wherever in the world he wants to do it.Imagine traveling the world, photographing celebrities, royalty, and rock stars, for magazines, Getty Images and Associated... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Marc Koska’s Crusade to Save Lives

Marc Koska Tanzania has announced its commitment to eliminating the spread of blood-borne disease from syringe reuse, thanks to the work of Safepoint Trust founder and Scientologist Marc Koska. In June 2011, Dr. Lucy Nkya, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Welfare... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Sunny Yu has a Very Good Reason to be Confident and Happy

Sunny Yu Scientology helped school principal Sunny Yu of Taichung, Taiwan, find new pleasure and satisfaction in her work. In her “Meet a Scientologist” video on, school principal Sunny Yu of Taichung, Taiwan, is clearly in her element—relaxed,... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Tommy (Min-Chao) Hung

Tommy Hung Tommy Hung couldn’t shake the despair he felt from a romance that ended badly. Then Dianetics helped him understand why and freed him from the emotional burden.At 23, Tommy (Min-Chao) Hung of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, knew he should be happy—after all, he... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Bernard Duffy—Five Decades in Scientology

Bernard Duffy Nonagenarian Bernard Duffy can look back on more than five decades as a Scientologist. In 1956 Bernard Duffy attended a lecture that changed his life. At the end of World War II, Duffy, who had been in telecommunications in the Royal Navy, got a job in... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology of Johannesburg Dedicates New Three-Story Wing to Greatly Expand Service to the Community

Grand Opening August 13, 2011 marked the beginning of a new era for the Church of Scientology of Johannesburg. Scientologists, dignitaries and guests gathered to dedicate a new three-story wing comprising 7,500 square feet of public information displays, course rooms,... | Full Story >>