Meet a Scientologist—Artist Robert Blehert, Batting 1,000

Robert Blehert On Sunday July 24, 2011 baseball fans at the Twins game left Target Field with a work of art—a poster by artist and Scientologist Robert Blehert. When commissioned to create a poster in honor of former Minnesota Twins’ pitcher Bert Blyleven, Seattle-based... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Cheryl Duncan, Using PR and Publicity to Make a Difference

Cheryl Duncan Entertainment publicity is no ordinary profession, but then entertainment publicist and Scientologist Cheryl Duncan is no ordinary person. Her video is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Nashville Hosts Artist Seminars

Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre of  Nashville, Tennessee To help artists prosper despite the economy, this unique Nashville Church opens its doors with seminars from successful industry professionals. Since its grand opening two years ago, the Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre of Nashville has hosted... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Joava Good Living Up to her Good Name

Joava Good Just returned to Utah after five weeks in Alabama on the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response following the April tornados, Scientologist Joava Good is a 35-year veteran Scientology Volunteer Minister who has helped put the program on the disaster... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Sam Butler Brings it All Into Focus

Sam Butler Scientologist Sam Butler: his voice and vision. As a child, Sam Butler was known as the boy who was always asking "Why?" That hasn’t changed. Through Scientology, he gained answers he sought about life and the spirit. But this also opened an entirely... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Cicily Baardseth’s Successful Search for Understanding

Scientologist Cicily Baardseth Cicily Baardseth prevailed time and again against the odds, but it was not until she found Scientology that she finally made sense of it all. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Dr. Chih-Yuan (Oliver) Hsueh Provides Spiritual and Physical Care

Oliver Dr. Chih-Yuan (Oliver) Hsueh found in Scientology the perfect complement to his medical training: a way to address the spiritual aspects of life to truly help others. Chih-Yuan (Oliver) Hsueh became a medical doctor so he could save lives. But to do... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Jule Rotenberg Welcomes New Member of her Family

Sculptor Jule Rotenberg is entering a new phase of life as a mother and loving it. Her “Meet a Scientologist” profile is featured at Sculptor Jule Rotenberg had been looking forward to being a mother for a long time when the... | Full Story >>