Meet A Scientologist: The Lads From London

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, the Jive Aces talk about how Scientology has enhanced their lives and music. Britain’s Number One swing band, the Jive Aces, are one of the hardest-working bands in show... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist: Teachers—and Students— Can Enjoy Life in the Classroom

gcui_scientologynews:nid_1236_caption_1 In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, Sam Silver talks about how Scientology fuels his passion and excitement for teaching. Life and work are happy and fulfilling for Samuel Maurice Silver, a teacher in a private... | Full Story >>

Meet A Scientologist: A Fine Artist Rekindles His Creative Spark

Owen York - Painter and Scientologist In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, Owen York says Scientology helped him rekindle his creative spark. Now 32, Owen York likes to joke that he has been painting since the day he was born—he actually can’t... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Dedicates New Building for the Pacific Northwest

Sixteen hundred Scientologists and their guests packed the street in front of 300 West Harrison in Seattle today for the opening of the new Church of Scientology of Washington, a milestone for the congregation formed 54 years ago. Duwamish Tribal... | Full Story >>

Scientology opens new National Organization for Mexico in the City of Palaces

Led by a 30-man mariachi orchestra and colorful traditional dancers, 7,000 Scientologists and guests hailed the grand opening of the new National Scientology Ideal Organization for Mexico in the heart of Mexico City. Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman... | Full Story >>

12th Annual L. Ron Hubbard Humanitarian Awards Honor Outstanding Canadians

Toronto,Canada—The Church of Scientology of Canada recently hosted the 12th annual L. Ron Hubbard Humanitarian Awards honoring six exceptional Canadians for service to the community.  More than two hundred guests attended including local and federal... | Full Story >>

New Scientology Churches Revive Historic Buildings

banner=0 When the new Church of Scientology of Pasadena opens its doors in the city’s historical core this summer, it will not only enable the Church to expand its service to the community, it will give back some of its cultural history.   Listed on... | Full Story >>

Scientology Churches and Missions Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health

banner=0 Tens of thousands of Scientologists attended events in every Scientology Church and Mission this month.  The outstanding Dianetics auditors, groups and booksellers in each zone were awarded in the celebration of the 60 years since the first publication... | Full Story >>