Scientology Video Channel Launched on YouTube and

banner=0 The Church of Scientology has launched a new video channel simultaneously on YouTube ( and its own official website ( Scientology Video Channel provides an overview of the basic beliefs... | Full Story >>

Statement Regarding Pirated Video Clip

no banner The video clip comes from a presentation  of  Mr.  Tom  Cruise  at the  2004 celebration of the International Association of Scientologists.  This annual event focuses on Church sponsored humanitarian programs and each... | Full Story >>

Statement Regarding Andrew Morton’s Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise

no banner For the last two years, the Church of Scientology requested to be interviewed or be presented with any allegations so we could respond.  Morton refused despite our insistence in offering our cooperation.  At no time did he request interviews... | Full Story >>

Meeting the Global Demand for Scientology Materials

Since the release of the Dianetics and Scientology Basic Books and Lectures in 2007, Scientologists have flooded into their Churches in greater numbers than ever. Demand for the materials has grown exponentially and, as parishioners have progressed through... | Full Story >>

Planetary Social Betterment Campaigns

Taking responsibility for societal ills and effecting change through Church-sponsored programs“I do not have to tell you what is wrong.  You can look around yourself and see a number of conditions, all signs of decay and sources of pain. You know... | Full Story >>

A 21st Century Religion

Scientology is truly a religion for the 21st century and so utilizes new-millennium technology to carry out its religious mission. To that end, the Church moved into the multimedia age with establishment of state-of-the-art film and audio facilities at... | Full Story >>

Building for the Future of the Scientology Religion

Mr. Miscavige is the driving force of a movement now spanning the globe with Ideal Churches of Scientology. He set the direction for the acquisition, design and planning of new Churches and in consequence, the horizons of Scientology are filled with scores... | Full Story >>