Statement Regarding Pirated Video Clip

The video clip comes from a presentation  of  Mr.  Tom  Cruise  at the  2004 celebration of the International Association of Scientologists.  This annual event focuses on Church sponsored humanitarian programs and each year includes the presentation of the Freedom Medal to individual members in recognition  of  outstanding  humanitarian  work.   

To  date,  80  individuals have  been  so  recognized  and  in  2004  Mr.  Cruise  was  honored  for  his efforts  in  championing  world  literacy.    What  appears  in  the  video  is Mr.  Cruise’s  acceptance  speech  before  an  audience  of  5,000  Church parishioners and their guests.  While the video can be seen in any Church of Scientology, what has appeared on the Internet is a pirated and edited version of a 3-hour event that further included speeches by several Church officials and two other Freedom Medal award recipieStatement Regarding Pirated Video Clip of Tom Cruise Humanitarian Awardnts.