Uganda Humanitarian

Adopts Scientology Program

When Pedaiah Paul M. Teba heard about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in 2007, he was convinced the program would benefit his people.  Some 30 years of insurgency in Uganda has killed thousands in a crisis described by former UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland as the world’s “largest neglected humanitarian emergency.”  This and the AIDS pandemic has left countless children orphaned.

The founder and international director of the World Light Caring Mission of Uganda (WOLICAMI), Teba, traveled to the Church of Scientology Mission of Nairobi in Kenya to study the techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard and became a Scientology Volunteer Minister.  He and eight WOLICAMI staff now use Volunteer Minister skills to accomplish their mission.

Teba’s team was part of the relief effort when in December 2007 flooding in Eastern Uganda displaced 200,000 families.  They helped 4,000 people in shelters and camps with Scientology Assists—simple procedures developed by Mr. Hubbard to relieve the emotional and spiritual effects of trauma from injury, stress or shock.

“As a community development worker for many years, I have adopted the Volunteer Ministers program with all my heart,” said Mr. Teba. “I found it to help in the community at all levels, with answers to the problems people face in day-to-day life.”

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