HANA Awards Churches of Scientology Disaster Response Team for their Work in Haitian Earthquake Disaster

banner=0 At their 2010 gala event, the Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) presented a Humanitarian Award for the Church of Scientology to Sue Taylor, National Director for the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response Team. Over 230 invited medical... | Full Story >>

Volunteer Ministers Invited to Indian National Conference on Civil Defense

banner=0 The Director of the National College of Civil Defense of India, G.S. Saini, invited the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of India to take part in that country’s national conference scheduled for November 17th, 2010, in India. One of the functions... | Full Story >>

Elite Topos Rescue Team Partners with Scientology Volunteer Ministers

banner=0 On October 23, Hector Mendéz, president and founder of Topos México, the elite search and rescue team, was in flood-weary Veracruz, helping to unite relief efforts there. On his official Topos rescue jumpsuit he proudly sported a recently... | Full Story >>

Helping Food Lifeline’s Mission to Eradicate Hunger in Western Washington

banner=0 Working to help eradicate hunger in their area, several Seattle area Volunteer Ministers (VMs) regularly assist at the city’s Food Lifeline Center, a non-profit organization feeding those in need throughout western Washington.The purpose of the... | Full Story >>

Volunteer Ministers Bringing Hope & Help to Flood Victims in Thailand

banner=0 Scientology Volunteer Ministers traveled to two areas in northeast Thailand to help victims of what has been described by Thai officials as the worst flooding in several decades. Beginning in October, unusually heavy rains in the mountainous northeastern... | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Assist Mudslide Victims in Eastern Uganda

banner=0 In response to scores of requests for training, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers group in Kampala, Uganda, has begun delivering seminars to residents along the eastern border of their country. Ever since flooding and deadly mudslides hit the area... | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Respond to New Zealand Earthquake

banner=0 The 7.1 earthquake shook Christchurch hours before dawn in New Zealand’s second largest city. Thousands of homes experienced power, water and sewage shutoffs, and many of the city’s buildings were reduced to rubble, including those in downtown... | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Continue Disaster Recovery Following Haiti Quake

banner=0 There were two options for the 22-year-old engineering student who found himself half-buried beneath the remnants of his college with a crushed leg: amputate or die. A Volunteer Minister on the ground—licensed as a practical nurse and emergency medical... | Full Story >>