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Church of Scientology of Moscow 20th Anniversary Celebration

Moscow Scientologists mark a milestone—two decades of service to the Scientology community in the Russian Federation


Religious and civic leaders and representatives of numerous humanitarian organizations gathered at the Church of Scientology of Moscow to help parishioners and staff celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The Executive Director of the Church presented an overview of their many accomplishments in their pursuit of the aims of Scientology “a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights.” He pledged to continue to work with all religions, civic and non-governmental organizations to strengthen peace and accord and address the challenges society faces today.

Ms. Lyudmila Alekseeva, Chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, the country’s oldest human rights organization, bestowed the first of a dozen commendations presented to the Church on this occasion. She acknowledged the Church’s work to protect the rights of people of all faiths and to unite those who work for religious freedom in their common endeavor.

“I am very pleased to be among people who sincerely try to change the world for the better,” said one religious leader. “These are people who really do something.”

The representative of another faith praised the Church for its work to restore the moral compass of youth, which she sees as a vital service to reverse one of the most serious problems in today’s society—the disintegration of the family unit.

Drug abuse was the issue another guest voiced as of utmost concern and she thanked the Church for its work to educate young people on the truth about drugs and help them decide to live drug-free.

“Thank you for your tireless work to build tolerance and your dedication to combating extremism, prejudice, ethnic conflicts, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination based on race, ethnicity or religion,” said the representative of an NGO in his presentation to the Church that evening.

Yet another commendation began with these words: “Over the years the Church has earned respect for its service to the public, in promoting morality and ethics, healthy living and respect for the human rights and religious beliefs of others. Special thanks to the Founder L. Ron Hubbard for his work and his immense contribution to the improvement of human society and culture in general.”

The Church of Scientology of Moscow is an Ideal Scientology Organization. In January 2013 it dedicated its new premises in Moscow’s central Garden Ring, just a mile from Red Square. The Church has helped to establish dozens of Scientology Missions and groups and delivers spiritual counseling (auditing) and training to parishioners and staff from 73 Scientology Missions and more than 300 Scientology groups the length and breadth of the Russian Federation. The social betterment and humanitarian programs it supports have brought help to hundreds of thousands, through drug education, prevention and rehabilitation, character education and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program whose members are always on call to help in times of need.

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