Meet a Scientologist—Todd Wilson, an Ardent Player of the Game of Life

The secret behind Scientologist Todd Wilson’s smile.

Scientologist Todd Wilson never learned that life has to be serious. Maybe that’s why he always has such a good time.

“What I look forward to most in life is playing,” he says.

In fact, for Wilson, 47, there is hardly anything in his life that he doesnt enjoy. He loves his wife, his three children, sports, volunteering and work.

He participates in half a dozen local swim meets a year, competing in all the mid-distance events. He is writing a book of anecdotes and funny stories, and he works at a company that he started with a friend.

“We arrange private loans,” he says. “We started it in 2007—the worst possible time—when everything in the industry was blowing up. But my business partner and I are pretty smart. We survived the first year and have kept it going since.”

He attributes their success to the way they treat people and their commitment to fair play.

“I believe that with each transaction, everyone has to win—the investor, the borrower and our company,” he says. “And it really works—people know they can trust us and appreciate the way we operate.”

Wilson first learned of Scientology from his father.

“In 1987 my dad showed me Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and I realized immediately, what L. Ron Hubbard described in the book was exactly what I wanted,” he says.

Wilson is sure that whatever the future holds for him, he is ready to take it on.

“I look on life with a positive outlook,” he says. “I give it all I can and go out and create more.”

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