Statement to ABC on Debbie Cook Baumgarten


The Church rejects Ms. Cook’s unsupported allegations. The real story ABC fails to tell is the explosive growth of the Church of Scientology with 25 new Ideal Churches in the past five years with our most recent, last Saturday, in Greater Cincinnati.

This growth coincides with the departure of Ms. Cook and her self-proclaimed “legal consultants” who are now using her to front the same story about the Church already proven inaccurate in 2009. Ms. Cook failed to reveal:  

  • That she left the Church more than 4 years ago and was provided considerable assistance in her new life;
  • That she began threatening the Church and demanded “quid pro quo” to continue honoring her agreements;
  • That she had joined a heretical group (called a “squirrel” in Scientology).

Ms. Cook and her husband were sued for violation of their legal covenants. Her sensationalistic and revisionist stories of “experiences” in the Church are belied by her numerous written and video statements in the Church’s possession, as well as accounts provided to ABC from Church officials who were present when the incidents purportedly took place. Each statement Ms. Cook or her husband make in violation of their agreements will only increase the damages they ultimately will have to pay. It is a well known fact, documented by renowned scholars, that apostates invent and embellish their experiences to justify their departure. Such is the case here. Ms. Cook and her husband are bitter, defrocked apostates, attempting to spread falsehoods for personal gain. They have been expelled and are prohibited from calling themselves Scientologists or entering one of our Churches.  

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Since 2007, the Church has been enjoying unprecedented expansion with new Ideal Churches of Scientology in cities throughout the country from Los Angeles, California to Tampa, Florida. Similarly we’ve opened new Churches in cities as diverse as London, Rome, Brussels, Moscow, Melbourne, Quebec and Hamburg—the latter opened January 21st. In 2012, there are an additional 10 new Churches scheduled for opening, including our spiritual mecca in Florida—a 375,000 square-foot facility to minister to Scientologists from all over the world.  Additionally, in 2009 the Church established two state-of-the-art all-digital publishing houses, dedicated to the production of our Founder’s Scripture. Since then, the facility has disseminated 97 million books and lectures (on compact disc). In 2010 the Church further established the largest printing and manufacturing plant in the U.S. dedicated to the production of humanitarian materials. Consequently, the Church’s Truth About Drugs and United for Human Rights programs are now reaching tens of millions each year.  Accurate information about Scientology and its leadership is available for anyone to see by visiting our website: