Greek Scientologists Bring Hope with The Way to Happiness

With uncertainty from the financial crisis affecting families across the country, The Way to Happiness, a commonsense guide to better living, by author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, is providing hope and direction to the people of Greece.

Austerity measures undertaken to salvage the Greek economy have brought hardship to citizens throughout the country. Protests and strikes rock the nation, unemployment has risen to a staggering 26.8 percent, 77.4 percent among those 20-24, and tens of thousands are homeless.

Restoring prosperity to the country is vital to the lives of its people. And in today’s international marketplace, people in countries around the world depend on Greece prevailing in the face of this crisis.

Greek Scientologists have distributed more than a quarter of a million copies of The Way to Happiness, a nonreligious common sense moral code written by author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, to reduce violence and social turmoil, foster cooperation and encourage the initiative needed to turn around the lives of the people of the country.

The Way to Happiness includes practical know-how on how to ”Be Industrious” “Be Competent” and “Flourish and Prosper” and provides the moral compass needed to survive no matter the challenges.


The Church of Scientology and its members are proud to share the tools for happier living contained in The Way to Happiness with all who work to build a better world. For more information, visit