Singing and Dancing for a Drug-Free World at the London Olympics

The Jive Aces, Britain’s No. 1 Jive and Swing Band, welcome visitors in London for the Olympics with a fun-loving drug-free message.

Olympics fans from around the world danced in the streets of London during the Olympic as the Jive Aces serenaded the city from the Drug-Free World double-decker bus, spreading the word that life is much more fun when you live it drug-free.

As the bus wended its way through the heart of London, from the Olympic Park to Parliament Square and Hyde Park, throngs of fun-loving folks sang and danced to the lively beat of the group’s hot jive music.

Hundreds of volunteers from all walks of life handed out more than 750,000 The Truth About Drugs booklets. Covering the major “drugs of choice” in a straightforward manner, these booklets educate young people on the actual effects of drugs.

“The Olympics inspire thousands and particularly the younger generation, to be at the top of their game, and live a healthy yet competitive life,” says Jive Aces lead singer Ian Clarkson. “The athletes who competed here are a shining example of just that. Drugs rob people of the energy and drive that it takes to succeed in sport and life. Often, kids take drugs because they hear they’re cool or fashionable, but there’s nothing cool about taking drugs. So, with millions of people in London for the games, we wanted to spread the message far and wide that life is much more fun when you live it drug-free.”

The Jive Aces, semi-finalist of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent with their lively rendition of “I Wanna Be Like You” from Disney’s The Jungle Book, pride themselves on being completely drug-free. They believe that as professional artists they have a responsibility to set an example for the youth, and help them make the right decisions in life, one being not to take drugs in the first place.