Cross-Border Cooperation by France, Belgium Powers Fight Against Drug Abuse

In the city of Lille near the French/Belgian border, volunteers from the two nations join forces to provide drug education materials and debunk false information about drugs. | Full Story >>

Tokyo Conference Exposes Abuses of Psychiatry

Conference at the Church of Scientology of Tokyo sheds light on psychiatric criminality. | Full Story >>

Scientology Open House Targets Psychiatric Drug Dangers

Event presents litany of facts warning of psychiatric drug dangers. | Full Story >>

Scientologists Join “Adopt Greenwood” Project in Clearwater, Florida

In a coordinated initiative to upgrade the Clearwater, North Greenwood area, community leaders and Scientology volunteers join forces to help tackle crucial issues affecting the neighborhood. | Full Story >>

German Scientology Churches Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

Scientology Churches in Germany in partnership with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) chapters shine the harsh light of day on psychiatry’s role in the Holocaust and their perpetuation of heinous human rights abuses to the present day. | Full Story >>