Scientology Churches are part of a hierarchical structure and arranged in a pattern which matches the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart of Scientology, the step by step route to higher states of awareness. In other words, at the lower level of this hierarchy individuals and Church organizations minister beginning-level auditing and training; and, at the upper level, Church organizations minister the highest levels of auditing and training. It is a logical sequence of organization, one that reflects the spiritual progress of Scientology parishioners up the Bridge.

This ecclesiastical hierarchy is paralleled by a corporate structure, as is the case in many religions. Each Church corporation is organized on a nonprofit basis with its own board of directors and executives responsible for its activities. These Churches together form the stable building blocks of an international network which spans the globe.

An integral part of this international structure are Church corporations that house the staff who form international management. These corporations are International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors, the mother Church for all Scientology field auditors; Scientology Missions International, the mother Church for all Scientology Missions; and above them all, Church of Scientology International, which serves as the mother Church for the Scientology religion.

The Church corporations at this level of the Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy formulate broad planning which, when implemented, results in the stability and expansion of the religion worldwide. Below international management is a network of continental or zonal management organizations, each of which provides ecclesiastical support to individual Churches within its sphere of influence.

It is these three Churches that actually unite the rest of the Churches in the Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy to accomplish their common purpose.