The International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (I HELP) was created to provide auditors who minister religious services outside organized Churches with the guidance they need to operate successfully.

Field auditors receive much needed assistance and guidance through I HELP, the support organization within the Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy that was formed specifically for that purpose.

The international headquarters for I HELP, located in Los Angeles, California, provides planning, consultation and direction by creating and executing broad campaigns designed to increase the popularity of field auditing and I HELP membership. It keeps the membership informed by distributing newsletters and promotional materials to I HELP continental Churches for their use. I HELP International also consults with these Churches to assist them to become able to better service I HELP members in the field.

I HELP continental offices, in turn, hold local events, conventions and seminars where I HELP members attend special workshops that help them to improve their skills. I HELP offices also offer assistance with any administrative or technical difficulties members may encounter by providing training materials, publications and consultation services. Most importantly, I HELP ensures field auditors and groups maintain high standards of application and discipline as they are most often bringing Scientology to those who need to benefit immediately from standardly applied technology.

Local Churches of Scientology also support these individuals in the field by establishing and supervising Auditors Associations and actively encouraging individual field auditors to become members of these groups. These local Churches provide field auditors with support services to assist their ministry and, in turn, field auditors and groups direct new parishioners to their local Churches for further religious services.

For anyone ministering Dianetics and Scientology services outside of organized Churches and Missions, I HELP provides guidance and assistance to enable them to be effective and successful in their communities.