At the top of the ecclesiastical structure is the Church of Scientology International (CSI), the mother Church for all Scientology. Located in Los Angeles, CSI provides overall direction, planning and guidance for the network of Churches, Missions, field auditors and Volunteer Ministers which comprise the Scientology hierarchy it spans, and ensures these various organizations are all working effectively together.

Every Church has one common and primary goal—to help its parishioners achieve spiritual freedom. Such a goal, however, is attained on a gradient, one step at a time, and this is reflected in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of Scientology.

CSI broadly plans and coordinates Scientology expansion. This planning is then carried out by the individual networks of organizations which comprise ecclesiastical management at the continental echelon.

Through CSI’s ecclesiastical management activities, Scientology Churches receive guidance in applying the Scriptures both technically and administratively.

In addition to providing planning, direction and general support to the Churches in the hierarchy, CSI also provides specialized programs for staff on Scientology administrative technology. This training is conducted at the International Training Organization at CSI’s headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

CSI provides ecclesiastical guidance to a network of Continental Liaison Offices responsible for carrying out its activities on regional and local levels. These offices serve to support the actions of local Churches in their respective areas and also serve as a coordinating and rallying point for all Scientology activities associated with those local Churches. They also see to the well-being of these organizations and groups. In this way, the activities of Missions, Churches, field auditors and other related groups integrate and ultimately result in spiritual advancement for all Scientologists in their continent or region.

In addition to guiding the growing Scientology hierarchy, CSI sees to the publication of Scientology Scripture, both in written and audiovisual form, including some three thousand of Mr. Hubbard’s tape-recorded lectures. A division within CSI, Golden Era Productions, is responsible for producing these recordings as well as E-Meters, religious training films, slide shows and videos of Scientology. It supports the religion worldwide by publishing informational brochures and posters, and parishioner magazines in many languages.

Through its actions worldwide, CSI ultimately assures that Scientologists can progress to the highest levels of spiritual freedom through the thousands of Churches, Missions and groups which comprise the Scientology religion.