French Scientologists Celebrate UN Human Rights Year of Learning

banner=0 Scientology volunteers across France are concluding the United Nations International Year of Human Rights Learning and celebrating Human Rights Day 2009 after a year of weekly human rights education events in Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Vannes, Clermont-Ferrand, and Nice.  The young activists dedicated... | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteer Minister Returns to Kenya

banner=0 As Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga was speaking to a regional forum on the economic and social ramifications of global warming Monday, Scientology Volunteer Minister David Dempster had just arrived back in Kenya to deliver a weeklong training session to Scout Leaders in Nairobi. ... | Full Story >>

Celebrities Share 'Christmas Stories' to Benefit Underprivileged Children

banner=0 HOLLYWOOD—The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre members Anne Archer, Erika Christensen, Jason Dohring, Jenna Elfman, MC Lyte, Priscilla Presley, Beth Riesgraf and Edgar Winter and film composer Mark Isham performed in the annual Christmas Stories performance over the weekend to an audience of... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Youth Help Kids Say No to Drugs

banner=0 Youth of the Church of Scientology are working to arm LA kids with the best anti-drug weapon there is—the real facts about drugs.  At a block party last weekend they helped 200 kids and teens make decisions that will benefit them the rest of their lives—the decision to be drug-free. ... | Full Story >>

Scientology Members Fight Drug Abuse with Facts

banner=0 Churches and Missions of Scientology and their members are winding up "Drug Information Month" around the world in April, an all-out international effort to reduce drug use and abuse in their communities. "Our booklets were in such high demand,"... | Full Story >>