Scientology Volunteer Ministers Team Delivers Aid to Villages – and to One Very Special Orphanage – in Nepal

Over the past week, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal, has delivered aid to villages in the surrounding area—as well as to an orphanage where some 40 children entertained the volunteers with both traditional Nepalese songs as well as one sung in English. | Full Story >>

Demonstrators in Munich Learn the Truth About Drugs During “Global Marijuana March” Event

thumb Foundation for a Drug-Free World event warns of the harm marijuana can cause while a legalization march commences meters away, without incident. | Full Story >>

Scientology’s Nepal Disaster Response Team Provides Aid for District Hit Hardest in Nation’s April 25 Earthquake

thumb Four teams of Volunteer Ministers bring relief to Sindhupalchowk, near the Chinese border in eastern Nepal, whose death toll approaches 3,000 people. | Full Story >>

Aerial Drones Assist Earthquake Disaster Assessment in Nepalese Villages

thumb A pair of drones served a vital purpose in traversing landslide-strewn Nepal roads, when two men, part of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Nepal disaster response, used the images from these devices in the search and rescue operation. | Full Story >>

Scientology Nepal Disaster Response Team Members Share Story of Heartbreak and Humanity on the Ground

thumb Scientologist Mike Savas and business partner Max Rantz-McDonald joined more than 100 Scientology Volunteer Ministers on the ground in Nepal, who have been providing urgently needed relief every day since the April 25 earthquake. | Full Story >>