Vancouver Volunteers Reach Youth with the Truth about Drugs

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Vancouver are taking advantage of the summer months—when Vancouver shines—to promote drug-free living. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Addressing a Serious Issue Affecting German Teens

THUMBNAIL This summer, volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Hamburg have accelerated their efforts to reach teens with the truth about drugs, to reverse alarming drug abuse trends. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Scientology Bosnia Disaster Response Helping Villages Rebuild

THUMBNAIL Thousands of homes, destroyed by recent floods, are earmarked for demolition. Scientology Volunteer Ministers invite others to join them in their work to help villagers salvage raw materials so they can rebuild their homes. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Danish Scientologists Bring Truth About Drugs to Copenhagen

THUMBNAIL Danish Scientologists raise awareness on drugs Photos ... | Full Story >>

Sydney Business District “Rocked” by The Truth About Drugs

THUMBNAIL As wintertime plays out down under, Volunteers from the new Ideal Church of Scientology of Sydney are bringing the truth about drugs to communities throughout the city. Photos ... | Full Story >>