Voice for Humanity: Adam Kelly Makes Sure Young People Have the Chance He Never Did

thumb In a video published on May 4, 2015 on, UK TV Reality star Adam Kelly talks about the effect drugs had on his life and his role now as an Ambassador for the Drug-Free World Foundation. | Full Story >>

Voice for Humanity: Choolun Bhojoo Leads the Fight to Rid Mauritius of a Drug Plague

thumb Choolun Bhojoo, Deputy Commissioner of the Mauritius Police, describes his department’s work to wipe out the island nation’s massive drug epidemic. His video, published [date] on the Scientology website, demonstrates how Mauritius law enforcement is educating young people with a key assist from the... | Full Story >>

When in Rome… Don’t Use Illicit Drugs

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Churches of Scientology across Italy reach out this summer to create a drug-free country. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Voice for Humanity: Honoring Scientology Volunteer Ministers

THUMBNAIL On World Humanitarian Day August 19, the Church of Scientology International honors the many thousands of Scientology Volunteer Ministers and those with whom they partner to bring help in desperate times across 120 nations. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Voice for Humanity: Defending the Rights of Parents to Protect their Children

THUMBNAIL In commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, the Church of Scientology honors civil rights attorney Allison Folmar, who is defending the rights of parents to protect their children from harmful psychiatric drugs. Photos ... | Full Story >>