Scientology Volunteer Ministers Latin American Goodwill Tours Tackle Urgent Issues in Guatemala

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Latin American Goodwill Tour in Guatemala in the spirit of help. | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Bring Help to Indigenous Peoples of South America’s Amazon Region

The Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tour has been a valued partner to communities along the Amazon River Basin since 2007. Completing its mission in Leticia, Colombia, in May, the tour moves next to Iranduba, Brazil. | Full Story >>

Precious Religious Artifacts Salvaged by Scientology Volunteer Minister Team Amid Recovery Effort in Nepal

Temple custodian recovers priceless statue and vase, thanks to the work of the Scientology Disaster Response Team while on disaster relief mission in Kathmandu, Nepal. | Full Story >>

World Environment Day Embraced with Conferences and Open House Events in Scientology Churches Worldwide

Scientology Churches everywhere are holding green-themed community forums June 5 designed to encourage environmental responsibility and assure the planet’s future ecological survival. | Full Story >>

Tel Aviv World Environment Day Forum Engages Diverse Communities in Raising Awareness of Threats to Our Planet

Scientology Center of Tel Aviv hosts panel and open house in honor of World Environment Day 2015. | Full Story >>