Another Reason Scientology Supports the Truth About Drugs Education Program

thumbnail Released on December 7, 2012, the new Truth About Drugs App for iPad, iPhone and iTouch brings effective drug education to hundreds of millions With the December 7, 2102 release of the Truth About Drugs App for iPad, iPhone and iTouch, effective drug education is now available to millions around... | Full Story >>

Scientologists Provide Winter Wonderland for Pinellas County Kids

thumbnail Clearwater Community Volunteers host the 20th Annual Winter Wonderland celebration to bring holiday cheer to Pinellas County children. The Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) are hosting the 20th Annual Winter Wonderland in downtown Clearwater, Florida—a  month of holiday cheer... | Full Story >>

Tennessee Scientologist Takes on Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis

thumbnail With Tennessee’s drug abuse problem at a crisis stage, Scientologist Julie Brinker is ramping up a grassroots movement to stem drug abuse before it begins Photos ... | Full Story >>

Scientologist, Dr. Joel Benk, DDS, Combats Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

thumbnail Scientologist and dentist Joel Benk is a drug prevention activist helping to curb soaring prescription drug abuse by making the Truth About Drugs available to colleagues, educators and law enforcement professionals It was no surprise to Dr. Joel Benk, DDS, that the White House Office of National Drug... | Full Story >>

Scientologist Shows the Difference One Person Can Make with the Truth About Drugs

thumbnail Scientologist Maxine Chapman became a drug prevention activist after The Truth About Drugs gave her daughter the tools to help a friend Scientologist Maxine Chapman first noticed the impact of the Truth About Drugs education and prevention initiative when she watched The Truth About Drugs—Real... | Full Story >>