French Scientologists Mobilize Against Rising Drug Abuse

thumbnail For more than 20 years, Scientologists have spearheaded drug education and prevention in France Last week, thousands of fans attending a techno concert in Marseilles came away with something they would never expect to get there—a lesson in the dangers of drug abuse. Photos ... | Full Story >>

This Holiday Season, Inspire a Drug-Free Life

thumbnail This year, giving the Truth About Drugs to children and teens could be the best gift ever As parents prepare for the holidays this year, offering the truth about drugs to the children, teens, and young adults in their family could be that gift that keeps on giving year-round and in the years to... | Full Story >>

Bringing Millions of Teens and Young Adults the Truth About Drugs

thumbnail With a recent survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA Columbia) showing 44 percent of high school students say drugs are sold at their schools, public service announcements of Scientology-supported drug education and prevention campaign take on... | Full Story >>

Drug Fight Reaches Critical Stage as Teen Painkiller Abuse Soars

thumbnail With 10 percent of teens surveyed admitting they abuse over the counter medications, the Truth About Drugs program, supported by the Church of Scientology, offers hope to stem problem Photos ... | Full Story >>

French and Belgian Scientologists Cycle for Drug Education

thumbnail With recent European financial cutbacks threatening to impact drug prevention in Europe, Scientologists found a creative way to effectively draw attention to the dangers of abuse To promote drug education, Scientologists from France and Belgium joined forces in June 2012 in a transnational bicycle race... | Full Story >>