Truth About Drugs Keep Ocala Football Player in the Lineup

thumbnail Released November 13, 2012, a new brochure, Scientology: How We Help—the Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug Free World, describes the inroads made daily against drug abuse and addiction in cities around the world.  This story of how the program helped a Florida high school student is typical... | Full Story >>

British Scientologists “Gold Medal” in Drug Education and Prevention

thumbnail Featured in the newly released brochure, British Scientologists carried out the largest anti-drug operation in history, organizing the distribution of one million Truth About Drugs booklets during the London 2012 Olympics. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Bringing the Truth About Drugs to South Los Angeles

thumbnail Church of Scientology Community Center commemorates its one-year anniversary November 5 with renewed commitment to create a Drug-Free South L.A. Once known as South Central, and made famous by the lyrics of gangsta rap, South Los Angeles has risen from the ashes of the 1992 riots—determined, stronger,... | Full Story >>

World Champion Martial Artist Takes Drugs to the Mat

thumbnail A new Scientology publication, Scientology: How We Help—The Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug-Free World, was released November 13, 2012 to make stories like those of Dr. Alf Garbutt commonplace the world over. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Effective Drug Education Essential in Reducing Prison Populations

thumb Church of Scientology working with inmates at Victorville Prison to reduce prison population through effective drug education Effective drug education is critical if society is to reduce its prison population, representatives of the Church of Scientology stressed at the third annual reentry summit... | Full Story >>