With New Bogotá Ideal Org Opened, Church of Scientology Colombia Steps Up Efforts to Help Rid Country of Drug Scourge

Since its spectacular grand opening July 7, the new Church of Scientology of Bogotá has been carrying out its promise, including bringing the Truth About Drugs campaign to Colombia’s leaders to work together to end the drug epidemic ravaging the country. | Full Story >>

Scientology Church Hosts International Friendship Day Open House and Forum in Belgium Celebrating Diversity of Brussels

Friendship Day celebration at the Brussels branch of the Churches of Scientology for Europe features The Way to Happiness—a guidebook for creating a world built on honesty, trust and self-respect. | Full Story >>

Fighting Crime and Having Fun in the West Precinct of Seattle

Church of Scientology Seattle’s National Night Out block party brings community together with law enforcement, first responders. | Full Story >>

Volunteer Ministers Help Restore Holy Shrine in Nepal

Work to help the country recover from devastating earthquakes expands with opening of a Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent. | Full Story >>

New Drug-Free World Center Embraced by Clearwater Community

Opened July 11, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World center in downtown Clearwater, Florida, is mobilizing community action in a region plagued by drug abuse. | Full Story >>