Statements by Debbie Cook

banner=0 STATEMENTS MADE BY DEBBIE COOK BAUMGARTEN  Ms. Cook praised the Church and its leadership in statements made at the time or after the alleged incidents took place, a fact which should be made known to your viewers:  On June 2, 2007 she wrote that the Church's ecclesiastical leader's intentions... | Full Story >>

Statement to ABC on Debbie Cook Baumgarten

banner=0 STATEMENT ON DEBBIE COOK BAUMGARTEN The Church rejects Ms. Cook’s unsupported allegations. The real story ABC fails to tell is the explosive growth of the Church of Scientology with 25 new Ideal Churches in the past five years with our most recent, last Saturday, in Greater Cincinnati. This growth... | Full Story >>

Scientologists Take to the Paris Streets Against Drugs

thumbnail With the weatherman finally announcing a break in record low temperatures, ”No to Drugs, Yes to Life” Association volunteers from the Church of Scientology of Paris braved the weather Sunday—still unseasonably cold—to distribute more than 2,000 drug education and prevention booklets in the... | Full Story >>

Scientology Harlem Public Affairs Director Ordained

thumbnail Verlene Cheeseboro, Director of Public Affairs of the Church of Scientology Harlem, is now the first Scientology minister ordained at the Church of Scientology of Harlem. Executive Director of the Harlem Church, Rev. Phyllis Mack, conducted the ceremony. Photos ... | Full Story >>

Evangelical and Scientology Ministers Team Up to Combat Drugs

thumbnail A drug education seminar was held for a team of Christian ministers at the Evangelical Christian Church on the Hill in Redlands, California, February 21. Rev. Edith Reuveni, President of the Church of Scientology Los Angeles, trained the ministers to conduct The Truth About Drugs drug education... | Full Story >>