Church of Scientology Community Center of South Los Angeles Hosts World Literacy Crusade 20th Anniversary Event

thumbnail Community and religious leaders gathered at the Church of Scientology Community Center at 81st and Vermont in South L.A. January 21 to pay tribute to Rev. Martin Luther King and commemorate the 20th anniversary of the World Literacy Crusade. Held... | Full Story >>

Hamburg Dedicates a New Ideal Church of Scientology for Germany

thumbnail On January 21, 2012, the Church of Scientology of Hamburg newly opened its doors to the city in a dedication ceremony attended by 1,500 Scientologists, guests and dignitaries. The grand opening marked the culmination of a transformation of the seven-story... | Full Story >>

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Inglewood March in Support of Martin Luther King Day of Service

Church of Scientology Inglewood Volunteer Ministers In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology of Inglewood marched on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Los Angeles January 16, in observation of Martin Luther King Day of Service 2012. Brass bands,... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—Scientology Helped Paris Morfopoulos Reverse the Downward Course of his Life

Paris Morfopoulos Before Scientology, Paris Morfopoulos would not have given odds on his reaching 30. Now 58, he counts himself one of the luckiest men alive.  Growing up in a rough-and-tumble mining town in Northern Canada, Paris Morfopoulos learned to... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Nashville Launches The Way to Happiness Campaign

Church of Scientology Nashville Scientologists bring The Way to Happiness Campaign to Nashville, Tennessee. Staff and parishioners of the Nashville Church of Scientology kicked off the New Year by launching a campaign for better living centered around The Way to Happiness, a nonreligious... | Full Story >>

Meet a Scientologist—The Secret of Patrick Valtin’s Success

Patrick Valtin Scientologist Patrick Valtin combined determination with a firm understanding of the works of L. Ron Hubbard to make a success of his own life and help others.   A name synonymous with business solutions, Scientologist Patrick Valtin has built a... | Full Story >>

2011: Scientology Greatly Expanded Its Internet Presence

The Church of Scientology reached out to the more than 2 billion Internet users in 2011 with ads, video, online training, iPad apps and Scientology-sponsored interactive humanitarian campaigns.  In 2011, the Church of Scientology reached out to the... | Full Story >>

New Scientology Film and Courses Extend Help Virtually Everywhere

The 2 1/2-hour Scientology Handbook film and 19 free online courses in 17 languages extend Scientology technology to change conditions for the better—for the individual, the family, groups, friends, associates and humankind. With this year’s release... | Full Story >>