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Russian Scientologists Strive to Defeat Drug Abuse on Victory Day

Volunteers from the St. Petersburg Scientology religious group distribute drug education booklets to conquer drug abuse on Victory Day


“Victory Day” is celebrated throughout Russia on May 9 to commemorate the end of World War II. Scientologists from the St. Petersburg Scientology religious group spent the entire week promoting victory of a different kind and one that is sorely needed—victory over drug abuse.

A 2012 Associated Press-GfK poll found nearly 9 in 10 Russians see drug abuse as a “very serious” problem in Russia today and according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the nation consumes 70 tons of Afghan heroin each year. Heroin kills 80 Russians each day or 30,000 a year.

To reach youth with the truth about drugs before they become “statistics,” volunteers from the Scientology religious group of St. Petersburg distributed nearly 11,000 educational handouts and conducted a dozen street events with the motto, “We will defeat drug abuse on Victory Day.”

The Church of Scientology has published the brochure Scientology: How We Help—The Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug-Free World to meet requests for more information about the drug education and prevention initiative it supports. To learn more or to read a copy of the brochure, visit


Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress—drugs and other biochemical substances. These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.”

The Church of Scientology supports the Truth About Drugs, one of the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education and prevention campaigns. It has been conclusively proven that when young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.

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