Scientology News: Scientologist Press Information, Know Yourself, Know Life Promotional Video Campaign

The Church of Scientology International has launched an unprecedented, cross-platform information campaign aimed directly at raising spiritual awareness and values throughout North America. The endeavor began last week with a trio of "Know yourself, know life" ads running on TV, satellite and cable stations, as well as via Google ads, Yahoo, YouTube, iPhone and other social media networks.

The only major religion to emerge in the 20th century, Scientology has established its own inhouse publishing facilities, as well as film, video and audio production studios. The “Know yourself, know life” ads will air through 2009 on MTV, Discovery, ESPN2, the Learning Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Sports and others.

“Scientology is a very practical religion,” says Church of Scientology International spokesman Rev. Bob Adams. “The ads speak to the larger questions of life that everyone has.”

Using a combination of powerful language and imagery, the ads are both personal and impactful. One begins by pointing out the things a person is not, distancing people from labels they are commonly associated with, such as their job, clothes, fears, failures and past. It concludes that a person is hope, imagination, power to change, create and grow, a spirit who will never die and who will rise again.

Each of the 30- and 60-second video spots invite people to visit the Scientology Video Channel website, which offers more than three hours of video content that explains fundamental Scientology beliefs and practices. Among the most popular features of the Channel is an eight-minute video on the life of the religion's Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and a collection of over 150 mini-documentaries of Scientologists of various ages, ethnicities and walks of life with their own testimonials on Scientology.

“Our world today can be very chaotic,” said Rev. Adams. “So these messages cut through the noise and hype with fundamental truths that are crucial to anyone’s happiness.”