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Churches of Scientology Activities

When in Rome… Don’t Use Illicit Drugs

THUMBNAIL Volunteers from the Churches of Scientology across Italy reach out this summer to create a drug-free country.Millions of tourists from around the world vacation in Italy each summer. In Rome alone, a city of over 3 million, the population swells by more than three times with visitors each year. As the last of the tourists return home, the Church of... | Full Story >>

Voice for Humanity: Honoring Scientology Volunteer Ministers

THUMBNAIL On World Humanitarian Day August 19, the Church of Scientology International honors the many thousands of Scientology Volunteer Ministers and those with whom they partner to bring help in desperate times across 120 nations.The United Nations designates August 19 as World Humanitarian Day—“a time to recognize those who face danger and adversity to... | Full Story >>

Voice for Humanity: Defending the Rights of Parents to Protect their Children

THUMBNAIL In commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, the Church of Scientology honors civil rights attorney Allison Folmar, who is defending the rights of parents to protect their children from harmful psychiatric drugs. In honor of World Humanitarian Day, the Church of Scientology published a video August 17, featuring Constitutional and civil rights attorney... | Full Story >>

Voice for Humanity: Helping Baja Youth Escape the Grip of Drug Cartels

THUMBNAIL In commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, the Church of Scientology is honoring men and women whose work makes a difference.The Church of Scientology International is releasing a series of videos on the Scientology Video Channel in commemoration of World Humanitarian day. These video presentations honor men and women who are improving the lives of... | Full Story >>

Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre: 45 Years Serving Artists Creating a Better World

On the evening of Saturday, August 9, the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre hosted more than 1,000 Scientologists and their guests at the Church’s annual gala dinner commemorating its 45th Anniversary. The Centre was established in 1969 in the spirit of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s writings that the artist plays “an enormous... | Full Story >>