1,500-Mile ‘Something CAN Be Done About It’ Convoy Leaves for Texas With 200 Tons of Donated Building Supplies to Rebuild Homes

A humanitarian convoy has just left Salt Lake City for Rockport, Texas, a city that was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

Urgently needed supplies are now on their way to rebuild homes in Rockport, Texas, thanks to more than a million dollars donated by KSL TV and Bonneville radio viewers and listeners and the “Something Can Be Done About It” convoy that launched today from Salt Lake City.

“We worked with KSL to make sure these funds would make it directly to the people of Texas,” says Joava Good, Communications Chair of National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) who directed the work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Hurricane Harvey disaster response in Rockport, Texas. “Utah VOAD purchased the materials and our Scientology Volunteer Ministers program funded and organized the ‘Something CAN Be Done About It Convoy,’ and we are on our way.”


  • Viewers and listeners from Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada, donated $1,009,523.44.
  • The Scientology Volunteer Ministers funded the shipping of these supplies to Texas.
  • More than 200 tons of lumber, sheetrock, nails, rebar and other construction materials are en route to Texas through the Something Can be Done About It convoy.
  • The convoy is traveling on behalf of Utah VOAD member organizations responding to Hurricane Harvey, including Habitat for Humanity, Adventist Disaster Response, Southern Baptist Convention, the Salvation Army, LDS Charities, the American Red Cross, and the Volunteer Ministers of the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response.

Police escorted the convoy, which stretched more than a quarter of a mile, out of Salt Lake City. The trucks will travel through Utah, Colorado and New Mexico and will arrive in Aransas County, Texas, Friday, Sept. 29.

A key reason for investing these donations in building materials was that lumber and other supplies are scarce in many areas of Texas. And most of the people in Aransas County had no insurance to cover repairing or rebuilding their homes.

“No matter how bad a disaster may be, something can be done about it,” says Ms. Good, a veteran Volunteer Minister of more than 40 years. “That is the Scientology Volunteer Ministers motto and I think we proved that by this amazing action that pulled so many people together to help those in need.”

“Our Volunteer Ministers worked side-by-side with firefighters, police, sheriff’s department and other first responders in Rockport, Texas, most of whom lost their homes,” says Good. “So we wanted the million dollars raised by the KSL TV and Bonneville radio stations telethon to go directly to benefit the residents of this town.”

Additional facts:

  • The city of Rockport has set aside a hangar at the Rockport airport to store the building supplies, which will go directly to Aransas County residents.
  • This is only the first of a series of shipments that will be convoyed to Texas. The next one is scheduled to leave from Salt Lake City in two weeks, also funded by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott has estimated recovery from Hurricane Harvey will cost as much as $180 billion.
  • KSL TV and Bonneville radio stations continue to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Donations can be made online at giving/houston.

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