Church of Scientology
Drug Education and Prevention Campaign

Campaigning for a Drug-Free Life
Drug abuse is at the root of untold moral decay, disease, crime and unhappiness in addition to personal and societal expense.  Among the first things a new Scientologist learns is how drugs block the road to spiritual progress.  Coupled with the effects of drugs that are readily apparent in media and urban streets around the globe, Scientologists are strongly interested in raising awareness of the dangers of drugs and eliminating drug abuse.

For more than 20 years the Church has garnered the support of its members in community-wide programs which today form the largest non-governmental anti-drug campaign in the world.  Through the Church’s efforts, over 860 million people have been reached with factual information about drugs through hand distribution of The Truth About Drugs booklet series, drug awareness events, media, Internet sites, mailings, billboards and educational videos and films.  

Over 25 million The Truth About Drugs booklets have been distributed in 22 languages to at-risk youth and in drug hotspots throughout the world.

More than 3.4 million children around the world have pledged to be Drug-Free Marshals sending a positive message to their friends and communities. 

In partnership with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, an organization dedicated to providing factual education materials about drugs, the Church of Scientology sponsored and produced a 16-part series of award-winning public service announcements, as well as a new documentary created from over 200 interviews with former drug users.