Church of Scientology
Community Outreach Activities

Scientology Environmental Task Force
Social responsibility is a logical extension of spiritual values, and since the founding of the Church of Scientology in 1954, Scientologists have been actively involved in service to their communities.

In addition to broad-scale international programs sponsoring drug education, human rights and Scientology Volunteer Ministers, Churches of Scientology and their members support a wide variety of local and regional activities: Neighborhood Watch and other crime reduction programs, blood drives for the Red Cross and local hospitals, collections for food banks, clothing drives for the needy, and Toys for Tots with the Marines. Scientology volunteers also provide musical entertainment for the elderly, clean up parks and playgrounds, and tutor children and adults, including those learning English as a second language.

At Church of Scientology headquarters in the United Kingdom, Scientologists hold an annual charity fete attended by some 2,000 Scientologists and others, in support of local charities such as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the Youth Trust. In Canada, the Church holds an annual street festival for charity, with the help of local businesses. Across Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America, Scientologists sponsor and support these and myriad other local community betterment activities.