Forced Drugging of Children Must End, Mental Health Watchdog Group Declares

Citizens Commission on Human Rights educating legal community on predatory psychiatric practices at American Bar Association conference.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights, sponsored by the Church of Scientology, hosted a traveling exhibit in Chicago to encourage attorneys at the annual American Bar Association Conference July 30 – August 4 to protect the rights of parents and end the forced psychotropic drugging of children.

Detroit human rights attorney briefs attorneys at American Bar Association conference on psychiatric practices that must be brought under the law.

Allison Folmar, human rights attorney from Detroit, came to Chicago to advocate for the end of the forced psychotropic drugging of children in America. Ms. Folmar spoke at the opening of a traveling exhibit and told the story of Detroit mother, Maryanne Godboldo, whose daughter was forcibly removed from her home, then placed in a psychiatric institution because she refused to give her daughter dangerous antipsychotic drugs documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause diabetes, stroke and death. When ordered to hand over her daughter to the state, Godboldo withstood a 10-hour standoff with police, an armed assault by a SWAT team and a tank. Ultimately the state prevailed, placing her daughter in a psychiatric facility.

After a lengthy court battle, Ms. Folmar won the case, and the child was returned to her mother, although damaged after 10 months of being forced to take mind-altering drugs against her will.

The American Bar Association held a seminar on the forced drugging of children and plans to investigate this matter further.

CCHR’s goal is the protection of the public from predatory psychiatric practices: exposing the drugging of active military personnel and veterans; the labeling and drugging of children with purported “disorders;” and the insidious culture of psychotropic marketing schemes based on the pseudoscience of modern day psychiatry implemented at the expense of human lives.

CCHR works with the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child and the UN Committee Against Torture, carrying out investigations of psychiatric abuses of children in 10 countries.

The relentless efforts of CCHR have led to the passage of 181 laws internationally, ranging from the prevention of child mental health screening and psychiatric drugging to fighting for patients’ rights in psychiatric hospitals and forcing drug regulatory agencies to protect the public against dangerous psychopharmaceutic drugs.

The commission has more than 250 chapters in 30 countries, diligently working with like-minded groups, whistleblowers and volunteers to eradicate psychiatric abuse once and for all.

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