Meet a Scientologist:

Baker Uses Scientology as her “Special Ingredient”

Scientologist Michelle Bessudo loves delighting her customers with her beautiful and delectable creations.  

Michelle Bessudo is a baker and a pastry artist. Her passion for her work began when she was three when she and her grandmother cooked together.

“I have always liked art and sculpture,” she says “and I tend to include the artistic side in my cakes. If I’m not in the bakery making cakes, I’m studying about pastries.”

She loves a real challenge—a request for an unusual cake that is difficult to create. “That’s what gets my creative juices flowing.”


When she graduated from college and she had to decide what she wanted to do with her life, she chose to enter the world of baking. She enlisted her mother as her business partner.

Her mother had become a Scientologist when Bessudo was 12 years old. “Thanks to my mom I found Scientology and thanks to that I am who I am today,” she says.

“Scientology gives us the tools to know when one of us has a problem and how to resolve it.”

“The most important thing in the world is my family,” says Bessudo, and she feels you cannot really understand her family without understanding Scientology—they are so interconnected. “Scientology gives us the tools to know when one of us has a problem and how to resolve it.

“To me, being a Scientologist means growing spiritually—becoming more myself every day. It means being someone who helps. Scientology is the study of life, it is the study of me, of you, of the world around us. It means sharpening your sense of ethics—giving the best of yourself for others to try to plant a seed in the world.”

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